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Best service in the DFW area: The guys at the shop are the best. My bike just did not run right. I had my bike at 2 other Harley shops and they said nothing was wrong. Jim looked at it and told me something is wrong and to leave it with him. In about 30 min later, Jim called and said my ECM was bad. He replaced it and the bike ran great. They also did not charge me a arm and a leg. Highly Recommended.

Jacob K

Fort Worth

Rated 5 stars by Jacob on February 15, 2009

Fellow Harley Riders- I want to take a few minutes to talk about my friend and mechanic Jim Dobbs. Jim has worked on and serviced every Harley that I have owned and in that time he has been honest, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable when it comes to the workings of the Harley V Twin. I only have one negative comment, however. I'm still pissed off that he moved his shop from Weatherford to Mansfield. Even though its a little longer ride for service, it is well worth it just for my piece of mind. There is not another mechanic in the metro plex that I would rather service my Harley, than Jim Dobbs. 

Steve- Weatherford

Jim Dobbs is by far the best Harley Davidson mechanic that we have found in North Texas to work on our bikes. The kind of service he has to offer can not be found at any dealership anywhere. We have had anything from simple maintenance to major engine upgrades performed and backed by Jim. My Dads twin cam V-twin performs better than any I have ridden. Unlike a dealership Jim will take the same interest in an eighteen year old Evo as he will on a new 96" V-twin. Your bike will not be taken into Jim's shop by a service manager, shoved into the first available mechanics hands behind a combination locked motorcycle technician center. Jim will tell you like it is with your bike. Jim offers the best dyno tuning around the metroplex. My dad and I have recommended The Little Guys shop to everyone we come in contact with who rides, and wants an honest, fair most of all quality job performed on their bike. This is why I will ride 113 miles to have my bike worked on. Jim have you bought your set of metric tools to wrench on my V-Rod yet? Your customers Doug and David Fisk...Graham, TX

I first met Jim about three years ago when I need some routine maintenance on my '02 FLHTC. Sinces that time Jim has completed numereous upgrades and modifications to my bike including major motor enhancements, respoking front/rear wheels, new tires, etc. His prices on parts and labor are more than fair and you actually get what you pay for, usually more. He treats every bike like its his own and it will be fixed right before it goes out of the door (unlike many factory shops!!!). His interigty and honesty are what keeps me coming back.

Jim Lasater

Chief Deputy

Parker County Sheriff's Office

129 Hogle Street, Weatherford, TX 76086

817/596-3131 Office

817/694-0410 Cell



Jim Dobbs is one of the best wrenches I have ever had work on my bikes. His attention to detail and safety issues is way beyond the norm in the industry, not to mention one of the friendliest people on the planet.  

I’m certain anyone thinking about using the services of The Little Guys Shop will not be disappointed and feel completely secure while riding the roads of Texas knowing that every safety detail was checked. 

Ron K.

Weatherford, Tx

Big Jim has been my go-to Harley mechanic for about 7 years now, i could go on and on about building engines,dyno tuning and his quality of service but honestly,when HD dealers quietly bring their difficult stuff to him that really says it all.You American IronHorse owners who think no one can make your scooter run right need to give him a try, you may not agree with his suggestions but they will work,,,


I would like to tell everyone about the excellent work Jim Dobbs has performed on my Harley. I met him one bike night in Fort Worth, and rode out to his shop in Weatherford. We discussed my bike (06 Ultra) what I wanted to have done and a maintenance plan. Jim does it by the book, honestly, on-time and at a fair price.

One word would describe his work ethics…”INTEGRITY, always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking”. He installed a race tuner, ran it across the dyno, and optimized my riding enjoyment! During regularly scheduled maintenance, if Jim finds something questionable, he will call me to let me know it needs replacement or repair. Most of the time he will just do what ever it takes to make my bike worry free. Recently he moved from Weatherford to Mansfield, I don’t care where he sets up shop, I will follow, because I want only him doing my work. Now keep in mind, Jim ain’t a pretty man, but if you ever break down somewhere, he will come to your rescue and will be a sight for sore eyes. I highly recommend The Little Guys Shop and Jim Dobbs for any work you may want done on you bike. Grade: A+

Ride safe my friends,

Phill Wells

Weatherford, TX  

JIm Dobbs has serviced my Harley Davidson for the past 3 years a little over 40,000 miles His knowledge and care for bikes by far exceeds any other mechanic I used previously.I think Jim is a very honest man, he doesnt over charge for his time or parts.r.

Mike Goodwin

Springtown Texas  

 I started using Jim approx 4 years ago, I leaned about him thru word of mouth. I would not consider letting anyone esle touch my bike. He is someone who can be trusted. I live in Aledo and I will have to drive but its worth it. He is honest and fairly priced.

Mike Esse

aledo ,tx

Excellent service, honest people and a great hourly service rate what more could ya want. I highly recommend these guys. Quit wasting your money at high priced dealers go see these guys.

John Adams

mansfield tx

Jim, I liked your new shop, and I'll being seeing you.

Mitch Baker


My motor went to dealer “one” time to get an oil change as part of my purchase deal, and came back with oil all over the bike. I had to change my grips! Jim Dobbs Has done all my services since and not only does it comes back clean, I think it runs faster! And all that extra equipment handlebars, cables, lights, wires or whatever, he can do it. If you have a Harley, you know how we all like that new chrome!

Gary Keeling

Grandbury tx

I took my 2003 Custom Sportster to Jim Dobbs for carburetor work and starter problems. He did a great job on my bike and now it runs clean and fast! I recommend Jim to anyone that owns a Harley. He will be doing all of my repair and service work in the future. He does great work, provides friendly service at a reasonable price.

S. KingMansfield, TX

We came to Texas a couple of yankees .... when we got our 1st bike a friend recommended Jim Dobbs ... The hubby called Jim for an oil change, Jims response was " beers in the fridge " Jim went from mechanic to friend in O-12 oz.! We have had a few bikes in the 6 yrs we've known Jim , He has done everything from oil changes to mufflers to tires ...the list goes on ... he's always given fair prices and quality work ... Over the years we have sent several friends to Jim and they've all had the same experience .. Our bikes will never go to a dealership for service .... yours shouldn't either ! side note to Jim ....Thanks for moving to Mansfield ! Much more convienent !Ray and Deb Clark Midlothian

You?re not going to find a better bike repairman in the DFW area than Jim Dobbs. Period. Honest. Straight forward. Great prices. Exceptional service. I won't go anywhere else with my bike. He has been my go-to guy for tire changes and a complete engine upgrade to my '06 Wide Glide. He also did an exceptional job repairing my bike after I T-boned a dog. Jim's THE MAN!

Eric Brown

Aledo, TX

First for my background, I’ve been riding for over 40 years. If you are looking for a mechanic for your Harley you do not need to look any further. Jim Dobbs is the owner and mechanic for The Little Guys Shop, he is knowledgeable and honest. When he talks with you about your bike he will speak with you in terms that you will understand whether you are a novice or a seasoned biker. I brought my bike in because the cam was making noise, Jim diagnosed the problem as the tensioners and was right on the money. While it was in his care he checked it over from the front to the rear tire. He made recommendations and gave me choices on the repair of my bike. I have ridden this bike for over 57000 miles and it has never run better. I have dealt with other shops and mechanics and have not been impressed. This is not the case with The Little Guys Shop, from this point on Jim Dobbs will be the only mechanic that will touch my bike. When I get to the point that I need an overhaul, it will be in his shop. He will do the work you want at a reasonable price, and it will be done right. I recommend before you take your Harley anywhere else for repair go see Jim.

Rick Johnson

Arlington ,Tx.

My bike has had idle troubles forever. I took my bike in and Jim knew just what to do, and he took the time to explain the problem! He also took the time to show me how to adjust the idle for future use. I just picked my bike up from some servicing and I am well pleased with the quality of customer service and the quality of work. It is unusual to find a no hassle no surprise shop and I would recommend letting Jim handle all your service needs.

Randle Smith Mansfield tx

2000 Road King

I was in the shop having some highway pegs installed on my new 2009 Fatboy

I told Jim that this bike seemed sluggish compared to my last bike,which was a Super Glide.Jim suggested that I have a race tuner put on the bike then have it dyno tuned.After finding out more information about this I had a heavy breather installed.Jim then dyno tuned the bike with the race tuner .My bike is no longer sluggish!The way it runs now is unbelievable.Plus I'm getting better gas milage.After showing my brother how my bike was running,he took his '09 Rocker C to Jim to have it dyno tuned with a race tuner.Great suggestion and great work Jim! thanks

Richard Lightfoot


Look no further to find a master mechanic, with whom you can trust to provide the best service for your bike. I am very particular who works on my 04 Road King Classic, and Jim Dobbs is that person who was referred to me by a good friend for it's 25k service. He did not try to oversell or upcharge on parts or labor. He will give you the facts and let you make your own decision as to what you want to do with your bike. "He's not your Momma". While your bike is in his shop, he treat's it as if it were his own, and you can be assured it's getting better treatment than at home.A week later I'm back getting a race tuner, pipes, and dyno service. He really unleashed the un-tapped power and performance  for my classic; kind of a rebirth. The excitement was the same as the day I bought the bike. Wow!!!

A trusting man you trust your bike with.

Curtis Freeman-Grapevine

Dear Jim,

Thank you for the work you did on my 2009 Street Glide .Placing the tuner and dyno-ing the bike achieved just the results I was looking for.It runs cooler and smoother in all gears and the increase in power now lets me pass in 6th gear without having to shift down to 5th.

Thanks for a job well done.

Michael D. Cole,DDS


I have a 1995 Dyna that had only 1600 miles on it when I got it.Jim took my bike rough as it was after sitting for so long and transformed it into a bike that runs like new! It had no power and was leaking oil.Now it is all power and no leaks!

Jim really knows what he is doing,thorough,and had my bike ready for the weekend ride. I am really going to enjoy running with the pack instead of trying to catch up!

Jason Gotthardt


Attention Harley Owners:

If anybody ever wondered if it is worth the money to have the Harley "Super Tuner" upgrade done on your Harley, let me tell you the answer is definitely yes. I had Jim do this for me and it's like I have a new Screamin Eagle.. The performance and the sound is unbelievable. My Classic is quick and no need to gear down to pass anything now. Just hit the throttle and hold on...

I also, want everybody to know that if you are taking your Harley to the dealeships for service you need to think about that. The Little Guys Shop in Mansfield is where you need to be going for service. Jim and his wife Barbara run a first class shop complete with a DYNO and Jim knows what he is doing.. I won't go anywhere else unless I breakdown out of town, and that isn't likely because Jim keeps my bike in great condition for me. He knows my bike inside and out. Think about it. The same guy works on your bike all the time, so, he knows it and that makes a difference. Oh yeah, one more thing, his labor rate is about 20 bucks an hour less than the dealers.. That ain't a bad thing either.

So, what are you waiting for give him a call at 682-518-9579.... Call me on my mobile number if you need a reference.

Doyle Streeter

Mobile +1-214-448-6370

I’ve been riding bikes off and on for 30 plus years and finally bought a used Harley in 2006. Soon after I bought it, it started having hesitation problems and wanting to cut out on me. It was repaired by the shop I bought it from twice, and later looked over by a Harley dealership. The hesitation and cut out problems surfaced again (even worse), and the entire time I had owned it, it took for ever to warm up even in the summer time. After 3 years of putting up with this, I was ready to sell or trade the bike for something else. I heard about the Little Guys Shop and thought I would see if they could get it running normal long enough for me to get rid of it, so I contacted Jim and took the bike to him. WOW! After taking it to a factory dealership, talking to other factory dealerships, and taking it to the dealership I purchased it from, Jim was a hell of an awakening! He diagnosed the problems, called me and explained what was going on and my options and offered some good suggestions. I let him repair the bike and had him add a optional kit I had originally wanted to do before my interest in the bike took a nose dive. When I picked the bike up, Jim gave me some guidance in starting and operating the bike (different from what I was told when I purchased it) that works. The bike runs better than it ever has and I love riding it now. He is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience and is willing to pass that along to his customers. I plan to keep the bike now, it now runs like I expected it to when I purchased it. I’m planning on having Jim do some more add ons for me and of course, if it has a problem, he’ll be the one I call. I would recommend any one needing repair or add ons to their bike to give him a try, you won’t be sorry. Thanks again Jim and Barbara! I’ll be in touch!

Bill P.Arlington, TX

I have known Jim since we were teens. When I bought my first Harley I knew Jim was going to be My Go To Guy for any work on my bike. I asked about a performance upgrade. He recommended a Race Tuner and put the bike on the Dyno. I picked up my bike on Saturday. On the way home I immediately notice it ran cooler and before I knew it I was not only speeding but 35 miles over the speed limit! (NO Ticket, YET) I recommend him to anyone who is having issues with an American V-Twin. Honesty and Integrity are not things you can buy, but Jim is full of these characteristics.

J. Plowman

Weatherford, TX

 Jim, just want to thank you so much for the recent work you did on my 09 Ultra, the 2 into 1 pipe that I brought to you to install and the race tuner have added some additional power that I was looking for. The extra work and care that you took to make sure that the pipe was installed correctly is very much appreciated. You are truly a master technician in your field. You can rest assured that anytime something, other than warranty related work is needed on my bike that you will be the one doing it. Also anytime anyone that I know that needs work on their bike will be sent your way. In this day and age sometimes it is very difficult to find some one to trust to not only correctly do the work that is needed, but to do it at a fair price is surely a bonus that I know we all appreciate. You and Barbara are super people to get to know. Anyone that needs to contact me about the work that you do, please feel free to call me @ 817-800-6752. I will be in touch often my friend, Thanks again! 

Joe Rangel

Devil Dawg

American Steel MC

Zzle Chapter

I recently purchased an older EVO.Most of the work I did myself but ran into electrical and brake problems.I asked Jim to help me out.Jim did the repairs I wanted and in addition recommended a few upgrades.He went out of his way in doing an excelent job.Jim did some fabrication of custom parts,found a replacement CV carburator,rebuilt it and added some secret majic.The bike performs and rides like brand new.I have been on bikes a long time in four differant states.I have never been to a shop or a dealer with the knowledge and ability that Jim demonstrated in helping me out.I left feeling confident in the repairs,satisfied with the work performed and a member of the family.

Jim thanks again,


Benbrook ,Tx. 

Iusually dont take the time to write something like this but this time I had to.I was refered to The Little Guys Shop by a co-worker after hearing that my clutch would not engage and my bike was stuck in gear.He gave me Jim's card and said he trusted his work and that Jim would take care of me.I took the bike,Jim took a look and told me he would have to disassemble it,then call me.Jim called me the next day and told me it was a bad T.O. bearing.I was pleasantly surprised with the cost of the repair.When I picked up the bike the clutch was smooth and worked perfectly.I then asked Jim to look over the bike and make any recomendations he thought it needed.He checked it out and told me it was running fine and that he did not see anything it needed at the time.Most guys would have jumped at the opportunity to find something "wrong"just to sell more service.I appreciated Jim's honesty.I highly recomend this shop.

Carlos L

Arlington ,Tx.

Follow up:

I was in the market for another used bike,found one on Craigs List at a good price.Seller advised me that he has several calls and wants to sell the bike quickly.I called The Little Guys Shop and asked if Jim could take a look at the bike for me.Barbara told me they would work me in.Seller and I took bike,Jim checked it out,Jim noted some minor work he recomended but gave me a thumbs up.I bought the bike feeling confident of my purchase.I later had Jim install forward controls.When I picked up the bike,Jim mentioned he also tweaked the carb.The bike ran well before,but what a diferance after Jim adjusted the carb!I guess I owe my co-worker some brews for turning me on to this shop.

Carlos L.


 If you need your bike dyno’d take it to Jim.

If you need your bike worked on take it to Jim.

If you want a common sense answer with no hidden agendas take your bike to Jim.

You will look long and hard before you find someone to work on your bike who is as knowledgeable and honest as Jim.

I have used, talked with, and travelled to see several other mechanics and I trust Jim’s work and advice more than anyone else I have used or talked with.

If you have a bike with an ECM and it is not running right take it to Jim and let him put it on his dyno. You will be amazed how much better your bike will run. You will be all smiles on the trip back home.

There is only one problem with the Little Guys Shop; I live near Abilene and have to travel over two hours to get to Jim. But my piece of mind when on the back roads of far West Texas or riding in central Nevada is well worth this inconvenience.

Kevin O.

Clyde Tx.

You can read any other testimonial about Jim and Barb's shop to hear about how well Jim knows his way around a bike and the awesome service that they do there at Little Guys Shop. The service is indeed excellent and the prices are extremely fair, and Jim will even throw out some knowledge that will let you know what he did to your scoot and to help keep you upright on the road. However the most important thing I have noticed about Jim, is when he shakes your hand to seal a deal, you know you better take care of your part, because you can actually feel in his grip that Jim will handle his end of things. That is why I trust him with the proper care and maintenance of my bike. Too many other things happen on the road at high speeds for me to worry about whether or not something got fastened on tight enough or in the correct manner. You don't have to worry about your bike with Jim, he'll handle his end of things.



I am a proud owner of a 2008 Harley Davidson fat bob and I am more prooud to say that Jim Dobbs was the man to make it right.I had an engine built with heads ,cams,throttle body,timing gears,power comander,exhaust and air intake but was unable to make it all get along.After consulting with a few differant shops in Texas I was told about Jim and called him right away.After a few hours he called back with an idea on changing out my power comander to a Harley Davidson race tuner so he could map out my bike on his dyno .I told Jim do whatever he could to make it right and he did.When iI picked up my bike it was sick and i loved being able to ride my bike the same as my old CR250 ,like an ediot.LOL.Thanks again Jim from your extremely happy Canadian customer.You really are the best.

Derek Rideout,

Newfounfland Canada



Kathy and I had a great time on the Bluebonnet ride. Thanks All. It was good to see everyone again.

FYI----the problem with my bike - fast idle and missing at low speed turned out to be an Engine Sensor Temperature (part # 32446-99 @ a cost of $37.00). Actually my bike has a total of 9 sensors that can go bad and cause all kinds of problems. Good info to know and thought I would pass this on to you all.

Took my bike to "The Little Guys Shop" (Jim Dobbs--682-518-9579) in Mansfield yesterday and got it back this morning. With labor and parts, total cost was $105.00. Jim charges $65/HR labor. Probably would have cost me twice that if at a Harley Dealer.

The computer showed 16 events pertaining to this problem. I first noticed a problem last year when we pulled into Casper, WY after our HOT Yellowstone ride back (remember Jay) my engine light came on and it started missing when we pulled up to the light just before our turn to Kay and James house. 

Anyway, this is the second time I have taken my bike to Jim and I highly recommend him to anyone. Check him out at for all your Harly repairs.

Let him know I referred you.


I have a ’99 Ultra-Classic with a Motor Trike conversion kit. About two months ago the engine started sputtering and spitting so I took it to a place that was recommended to me by some of the guys that I ride with. Was told that I had burnt valves and other things and $1,500 later I was told it was fixed. Got about 20 miles from this other shop and the rear end started making a terrible racket so I took it to the place where I have all of the service work done on the trike part of the bike and was told that it had probably been messed with by whoever worked on the engine. So I was back on the road for about another 100 miles and the engine started sputtering and spitting again. Called the other shop back and they told me to bring it back in but that it would be about 2 – 3 weeks before they could even look at it again.

I had several people recommend Jim and the Little Guys Shop to me so I just counted my losses and called him and he came and picked the bike up. Come to find out it was some sensor’s that were bad and that I probably didn’t need to have all of the work done on it that I did. I was back on the road in less time than the other guys said that it would take to even get around to looking at mine. Oh, by the way, the trike has never sounded better since I have owned it and there was no problems with the trike part so for all you trike riders, Jim does know how to work on trike’s as well.

I would definitely recommend Jim and the Little Guys Shop to anyone having problems. I know I am telling everybody that I know about him.

Ben G.Weatherford, Tx

Well where to start.... Wednesday I bought my dream motorcycle, a 2001 electra glide standard. I purchased it from my father in law who had not rode it in about a year. Needless to say, it would start and run with the choke on, but no idle, and coughed and backfired. I knew from past experiance that the carb was the issue. I contacted a friend of mine Kevin Mitchell, who rides harleys,to see if he knew anyone closer to Midlothian that worked on Harleys. Without hesitation, he said, "call Jim Dobbs" and gave me his number ,that was Thursday night. I called Friday morning, and spoke with Jim. He told me to bring it in and he would try to have it done by Saturday. I was really happy about hearing that, since i wanted to ride Sunday. I got the bike to him at about 10 am Friday morning. I felt comfortable leaving my baby with Jim as soon as I walked in the door. I asked him if he could change my oil etc.and still get it to me Saturday, he said no problem. At about 3:45 friday Jim called to tell me it was ready and running great. I cant tell you how excited I was. Bottom line, Jim way exceded my expectations,and I get to ride this weekend. Thank you so much for getting my bike running great!!! Anytime my bike needs anything, she will be taken to The Little Guys Shop. And everyone i know who rides will be sent to Jim for all there repairs. This is the best repair experiance I have ever had!!

Thanks again Jim!!

Curtis McConnell

Midlothian Texas.

I bought a 2001 Heritage Classic about 5 months ago.A great looking bike with about 33,000 miles on it when I purchased.My family and friends have been riding Harley's for years.My bike was leaking some fluid and not running properly.My Dad and several friends said take it to Jim Dobbs.He's a great mechanic that will not steer you wrong.My bike came with a Mukuni carb the carb was bad and Jim recommended I go with an S&S carb to match the Thunderheader exhaust.Last wek when I picked it upit was like a new bike.The bike has never ran better!Again,Jimfixed me up and it just proved what everyone had been telling me.Great mechanic that will be honest and do a fantastic job!I wont trust my bike to anyone else.

Brad Fisk

Graham Texas

I have been riding Harleys since 1968 and have had several mechanics in the past in New York State near Buffalo that I trusted. I am happy to say that Jim Dobbs is the first mechanic in Texas that I really trust taking my 2004 Ultra Classic to for service since I started riding in Texas. Jim was referrred to me by some of my riding buddies and I am glad that we made the side trip that day to meet Jim and Barb. From the first time I walked into his shop, I felt comfortable. Jim is one of the few "Old School" mechanics that believes that he is working to get your bike running like he would like it. He goes out of the way to talk to you and answer questions. His work is all handled personally and he stands by it. My 04 Ultra was way underpowered (has an 88 from the factory) and the Stage 2 work he did has made a world of difference in the performance and his prices were better than some places I was quoted. It is like having a new bike again. Everyone that I talk to says the same thing about Jim, that this is the ONLY place that will work on my bike again. I have already told two friends to go to him and tell him I sent them. As soon as I get a few miles on my new changes, I am getting it on the dyno, he told me it would make it even better running! I'm looking forward to that! Jim, don't change a thing, you are the best.

Gerry Burns

Doc B Photography

In 2012, I picked up a 15 year old Sportster Bobber that needed a lot of love. My neighbor told me to take my bike to Jim Dobbs. Since I’ve met Jim, he has converted the engine from an 883 to a 1200. He has replaced the tires, cables, oil, tuned the carburetor, the list goes on. I take my bike to him not only because he has reasonable prices but because I TRUST and VALUE his opinion. He is a straight shooter (to the point of telling me he really does not like Sportsters…;Jim said being on my bike is like him humping a football. I purposely chose NOT to ask him if that was from experience.) In the end, I think with all the modifications my bike has found a soft spot with the big guy. Give Jim a call or talk to Barbara. You won’t be disappointed!!!

Wax, Mansfield, TX

I like to buy and sell a couple of motorcycles a year fix them up and sell them. But as I get older it gets a little harder to get up and down off that floor. I started taking them to some of the ‘’big shops’’ here in the area and they do good work. I recently bought a 2000 Road King and took it to the Little Guys Shop in Mansfield, Texas who specializes in Harley Davidson Motorcycle repairs and service and had it completely checked out. They found quite a few things wrong. I had it all repaired plus I put new tires front and back and a complete professional detail. I spent a little over $2,000.00. Whoever buys this bike will know they made a great investment. The thing I like best about the Little Guys Shop is the personal service and attention to detail I got while I was there. It’s nice to know that Jim works on my motorcycle each and every time. That way he really gets to know me and the motorcycle in a way most shops could rarely do. Now when it comes to detailing his wife Barb is a step above the rest. I asked her to detail it and she gave me a show room quality motorcycle for a great price. To sum it up, I had a great experience and would recommend The Little Guys Shop to anyone.

Robert Browning

The Spy Guy


Hello Jim,

Thanks again for tuning my Road Glide.

It is running like a dream and the extra horsepower really comes in handy. You did an excellent job and I'll be sure to let my friends know. Wishing you and Barbara the best. 

Steve Alexander

Midlothian Texas

I am writing this to make it known how pleased I am about a job Jim just saved me alot of time and money on.My name is DJ Burmeier and Jim recently saved me from unnecessarily paying for a complete clutch job on my 2012 Roadglide.It was a 150. 00 job vs.a 450.00 to 500.00 complete clutch job Longhorn and my previous wrench both told me I needed.He took the time to show me on a disassembled transmission what the problem was.As soon as I picked it up I got on 287 and hammered it in 5th gear at least 10 times before I got to I-20.


Thanks Jim

DJ Burmeier

I took my FLTR Road Glide over to Jims place to put on a new set of 4" Rinehart Racing pipes and ended up with that and much more.Jim is a big guy with an even bigger heart.The first time we met I knew right the way that this guy had earned and will keep my bussiness.

I was hung up in traffic and got to his place late to drop off my bike off,not only did he wait for me but his wife was there as well.Not only did they wait for me but they also gave me a ride back up to main road so I can wait for my wife who was picking me up in another vehicle.I told them that I can walk because it was way past their closing time but the word from Jims mouth was "I aint gonna let my customer walk"Now let me tell you about the work Jim put on those set pipes,they look so nice and fit all the bend and straight sections exactly where theyneed to be.They look completely awsome but the performance is simply outstanding.The Dyno Jet Tune up with EFI super tuner ,screaning eagle has increased the performance of my bike up to 30 percent and let me tell you I am well please with the whole seal.He is one super good mechanic and him and his wife make one match pair of very good human beings with a set of good hearts.I will never take my bike to get anything done anywhere but to here.

thanks Jim

Vinie Keattikul

Jim has been servicing my Harley davidson's for the past 3 years.First was the regular maintenance on my 09 Fatboy and now my 2012 Road King.He did a wonderful job of doing the Dyno work on my 2012 and now the bike runs like a striped ape.Jim has even driven out to rescue me and service my bike on the side of road on a 100 degree day.I had to have some warranty work done by a local dealership and the mechanic left the nut on the clutch basket loose, which eventually left me stranded in the middle of the road.I called Jim and he dropped what he was doing and came and fixed my bike right then and there,that act alone speakes volumes about Jim's character and his dedication too his customer service.

A bike owner would be hard pressed to find a better mechanic than Jim.I feel Jim is a very honest man,he never over charged me for his time or parts and is a pleasure to do business with!Thank you Jim!

Paul Leigh


My mame is Tim and I have been taking my bike to Jim & Barb over the last year for service and I am very pleased with quality of work that is done on my bike.Since he dyno tuned it the bike runs effortless and in my opinion it was the best upgrade I have put on the bike.I can also tell the difference in the bike after the service.I have the confidence that when I get my bike back it has been maintained like it was his own.



Jim and the real boss(Barb)at The Little Guys Shop in Mansfield have been servicing my Harley's for several years.Their work has always been outstanding,friendly and competitive.But the work they did on my 2012 FLHTK this past weekend really exceeded my expectations.I stopped by the shop to schedule an authorized warranty service. As I talked to Jim I told him the bike was so hot I couldn't always ride it and that it had even melted the sole on my wife boot. Dealer had just told me "yep they're hot"and their service guy said "cheap boots".Jim said he could cool it down and does it quite often. So I left the bike and he installed a high flow air cleaner,super tuner and installed a new set of 4"Rineharts. Then he did his majic on his dyno. I picked the bike up on Sunday - yes a Sunday and it was even Father's day to boot! That's dedication. Now I expected some improvements in the heat issue and better performance but after two days of riding in the TX heat I will tell you it's like riding a "new"bike. I can now sit at a stop light and not fry and when the light turns green this "new"bike just flat gets it going. I highly recommend stopping by and seeing Jim at The Little Guys Shop!!!



Jim,just want to thank you again for putting the true duals,air breather and dyno tuning my bike. The Roadking runs like a scalded ape if I need it to but at the same time can tell it runs a lot more efficiently and cooler. Also want to thank you for not selling me anything I did not really need. I could have gone to a dealership and spent twice the money and not as good a quality of work. I have been looking for a good mechanic in my area for several years now and sure am glad you and Barb decided to move out our way. Look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Byron R. Hubbard


Jim,just want to thank you again for putting the true duals,air breather and dyno tuning my bike. The Roadking runs like a scalded ape if I need it to but at the same time can tell it runs a lot more efficiently and cooler. Also want to thank you for not selling me anything I did not really need. I could have gone to a dealership and spent twice the money and not as good a quality of work. I have been looking for a good mechanic in my area for several years now and sure am glad you and Barb decided to move out our way. Look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Byron R. Hubbard


Barbara-Just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciated your detail work on my 07 Ultra. After getting the bike back , I road with my group and several commented on how it looked,especially the wheels. Needless to say I am very pleased with what you did. And will not hesitate to have you detail again as those bugs, especially grass hoppers, are a problem. 

Keep up the good work-Steve Roberson

July 30,2013

My bike needed a little face lift.I got a set of tires,new chrome wheels,stage 1 kit,dyno tuned with new 4" Rinehart true duals.Jim did a fantastic job and what he charged me was well under what it would have cost me at a dealership.I started doing business with him about 5 years ago when I heard about him from a fellow Harley rider.I would not take my baby to anyone else.Thanks Jim for a job well done.My bike has never looked so good and the ride is incredible.

Phillip Guin

Midlothian Tx.

The distance is worth the experience! I won't take my trike anywhere else for service after the outstanding maintenance and service provided by Jim and Barbara at The Little Guys Shop! I had my 2012 Harley Heritage Soft Tail converted into a trike at another shop and it wasn't running like it originally ran as a bike.Plus it had all these dangling wires and other issues not completed correctly from the trike conversion.After making several attemps at having my issues addressed by Harley dealers and other service shops ,Jim found and fixed my problems .He treated my trike like it was his own prized possession and completed everything when promised! All equally important to me as a female or anyone needing service on their bike,he took the necessary time to discuss my trike's problems and properly diagnose what needed to be done.Also,Jim knows tuners and cams and will teach you all you want to know! I am certain his dianoses,maintenance,prices,and his caring will exceed any positive experience you will have at any other shop. I can't say enough good things about my experience with The Little Guys Shop,and I can also tell you its worth going whatever distance his shop is from you!

Rhonda & her happy Harvett trike!

From Keller,Tx


Lil Guys worthy,Jim is an awsome man and Barb is just as awsome.My 2005 baby was sick and the BEST doctor IS JIM DOBBS...,They are straight up people and Jim will not let ur baby back out till he has approved its wellness like his own.Barb treats u like family when ur there...u want an awsome mechanic and awsome service take ur bike to a truely trust worthy shop..Lil Guys shop.Thanks again Jim and Barb.

With respect


Kingdom Servants Motorcycle Ministry

Around January of this year (2014) I had a bad noise coming from the transmission area on my Street Glide. A biker friend told me of Jim and Barbara so I called and made plans to drop off the bike. Couple days later Jim informed me I had a bad main bearing in the trans that was bad. He showed me just how bad it was and informed me how fortunate I was to have brought it in when I did. Could have easily lost the entire transmission including the casing. Not only did he repair it, adjust everything but the bike was wiped down and cleaned as if it had never been in the shop. Few weeks later I rode the bike to Daytona for Bike Week and it ran and performed better than any new bike. Jim did a great job and the charge for the repairs were just a great. I will always be a return customer for the service he performed. I would recommend him to anyone. Jim and Barbara are the "BEST".



Hi Jim

I just wanted to thank you again for the kick ass job you did on my streetglide. To anyone looking to tune their Hog give this man a call you will be glad you did.


ft worth tx


2014 Road King

Jim's Little Guys Shop is the place you need to bring your harley when you have a problem.His knowledge of HD motorcycles is top pro.Jim treats your bike like it's his nothing but the best.He and his wife Barb will treat you like family.No HD dealership anywhere will give you the service and respect they will.I cant say enough good things about the "little guys shop"of mansfield.

Jim & Barb

As a motorcycle enthusiast with over 250 thousand miles on strictly Harley-Davidson brand motorcycles,I have as usual ,all types of warranty,service and mechanical repairs made over the years to my bikes.These items have been performed at Harley -Davidson dealers and private shops.The quality of workmanship and eye for detail that The Little Guys Shop has is unsurpassed. I will be a customer as long as I own Harley-Davidson motorcycles and would recomend Jim's services to any and all Harley riders. 

Bob L. Blackwelder


HCC Contracting, Inc.

I have a 2005 Heritage Softail that is a complete custom and a Screamin Eagle Stage 2 engine upgrade.My intent was to have a "Beauty" and a" Beast".The custom work was done by a (then not known) P O S custom shop in east Ft worth ...and the motor was done by a dealer where I purchased the bike.I ride this bike daily so it didn't take long to start realizing there were issues with the custom work,as well as the performance of the motor.

In my quest to resolve these issues,I have taken my bike to custom shops in Hurst,Azle,Richland Hills,Haltom City and Joshua.Nobody gave me any solutions,other than to start over at their shop because they did't want to work on someone else's f-ups.I took the bike back to Harley where they performed various enhancements and procedures that resulted in LARGE INVOICES and little or no improvement in the condition of the bike... or the performance.At that point I was ready to throw my hands up and give up on "Beauty and the Beast"dream bike as another not well thought plan and misplaced trust.

A friend told me about Jim and The Little Guys Shop so I rode over to check it out.First,I was impressed that the owner of the shop was also the mechanic...(not a fat guy sitting in the office drinking beer while some hourly guy with his name on nothing, works on your bike) .Second ,He didn't just look at the bike ...he looked around ,under,and inside to evaluate areas of concern.And finally, he explained that custom bikes have custom problems and that fixing them might be a process as opposed to an event.When bad work is done on top of bad work ,you have to take it back to where it's correct and do it right from there.

I have now been taking my bike to The Little Guys Shop in Mansfield Tx. for over a year and well into getting all the previous P O S work corrected.All that's left now is the gas tank,which the P O S builder had painted and installed WITHOUT SEALING inside the gas tank....and is now completly rusted out.The motor has been re-tuned with proper information (not used by Harley when the motor was built) and no longer runs like junk.In fact it sounds and runs like a "Beast".

Be careful who you let work on your bike.I am more than satified with the service and quality of work I have recieved at The Little Guys shop and would recomend them for any type of service and repair.

Jimmie Johnson

Harley Davidson owner since 1968

Jim& Barb

Thanks for the great care you take of my bike. I could take it anywhere and have anyone 'work' on it........but I choose to bring it to you because you CARE for my bike like your own. I have and will keep referring my friends to you. I want their bikes to be taken care of so we can ride ! For those reading this be assured Jim & Barb will take care of your bike. He installed a cam upgrade & Dyno tune on my 2011 Road Glide Ultra. It runs like a beast now.When the tune needed tweeking,no problem,he kept asking me questions,adjusted the tune and it runs great. Power + gas mileage! From the Fluids to parts he uses...nothing but the best quality is installed. No one but Jim will wrench on my Glide.......Give him a try , and you 'll feel the same way!

John Ashcraft

2011 HD Road Glide Ultra-The Silver Bullet


First off THANK YOU JIM , this man knows his stuff ,he's the first and only motorcycle tech I'll trust with my bike , he didn't waste no time getting my bike repaired . I like the fact you can communicate directly with him and not a desk sitting service writer. I had other shops to choose from but none made me feel welcomed like The Little Guys Shop. I highly recommend this shop to anyone. My second visit there he took the time to pinpoint a misfire problem verses changing unecessary parts , once you have a conversation with Jim you'll automatically know this isn't just a paycheck for this guy , it's in his heart!


 This is the first testimonial I have ever bothered to write.. for anybody's web site , so I guess that shows how impressed I was with Jim Dobbs and his business I have a 1996 FXDWG which I bought new almost twenty years ago and only managed to put 12,000 miles on it.... and that was in the first 10 years of ownership . For the last 10 years , I was so busy working that it just sat in the garage and got its monthly warm up. The last time I had it serviced (over 10 years ago) was at the local Harley dealer. I was never really impressed with their technicians (and the quality of work) or their prices , so I promised myself that I would search for and only use an independent mechanic. As a Mechanical Engineer myself , I really stressed over letting somebody else work on my bike which still looks in showroom condition . I found The Little Guys Shop web site and read some of the testimonials and just had to drive down and meet this guy . So that weekend I jumped in the truck and drove from Dallas to Mansfield and visited with Jim and his wife Barb . It didn't take long when talking with Jim that you realize that he loves what he does and that reflects in the quality of work you can expect . Two weeks later I trailered my bike down to have it serviced . He gave my bike the same care and attention that he would have given his own . He went through the entire bike changing all the fluids and filters, rebuilt my carburetor and adjusted everything that could be adjusted.... and man , did it ever run great! I'm sold... thanks Jim!! 

Jerry VS

Blue 1996 FXDWG

Dallas, Texas

II brought my e Bod

I brought my bike to the dealership to have a big bore kit put on my bike , and bigger cams. Very soon after that I took it back to the dealer , and had a screaming eagle tuner put on , and then dynoed . I knew it was not running right when I picked it up , and had to bring it back to the dealer to be serviced again... unfortunately it still didn't run right even after the second time it was serviced for the same thing , but I dealt with it for about a year , because I just didn't have the time to keep going back and forth to the dealership ...

one Saturday while hanging out at the dealership , drinking a cold beer , I heard a conversation about this guy in Mansfield named Jim Dobbs who is the owner of The Little Guy's Shop .. People were speaking very highly of him in regards to getting their bikes serviced so I thought I would check him out before I took my bike back to the dealership , and continue to spend more money , and not get what I wanted.. Jim has a reputation of getting the job done right the first time...

Well , I finally found the time to get up to Mansfield , and met Jim and his wife Barbs... As soon as I started talking to him I knew he was the real deal.. Not only is he a good guy , and easy to talk to , he knows his business , and more so about Harley's . I knew that he had more knowledge then anyone I have ever talked to about my bike and it was refreshing to have someone not give you the run around..

Without even thinking twice , I made an appointment right then and there... I never asked him what it would cost , because after speaking to him I knew that whatever it cost didn't matter . because I knew my bike would be right when he was done ...

Jim re-dynoed my bike , and then called me to pick it up.. When I got there he said , "I want you to ride it around the block to make sure you are happy with it"... I mean who does that.. NOBODY!!! He treats your bike like it is his bike ...

As soon as I started my bike I JUST KNEW it was so much better ... It ran smoother then ever before ... no popping or backfiring , and the bike was just perfect . I will never let another dealership wrench my bike again , and his price was totally decent...He is a man of integrity ... check him out ... you have my word .. you will not be sorry ... he is freaking awesome ...

Jon Medlock,Waxahachie

If you have a Harley or any bike that needs repairs or just a simple tune up, and you want it done right the first time, then please do not hesitate to see Mr Jim Dobbs , owner of The Little Guys Shop in Mansfield ...

My husband had heard about him while drinking a cold beer at the dealership ... Finally we took a ride to Mansfield , and met this man , and his wife Barbs ... I could tell immediately by listening to Jim , and my husband speaking about his Harley that this was a done deal ... Excellent customer service is just one of his 5 star qualities ... His attention to detail , the quality of his work, and his integrity is what you can expect when you meet Jim ...

Regarding his work : If you have an issue with your bike , and you took it to places to get it fixed , and got the bike back , but you were just never satisfied like my husband , please take it to Jim... or if you had to take your bike back to the dealership to get the same issue fixed because you weren't happy , and spent a lot of money only to get it back again, and you are still not satisfied , then go see Jim .. Do not hesitate... I am not getting anything for writing this testimonial except a husband that smiles every time he cranks up his bike , because he is so happy and excited to have a smooth ride with no popping, no back firing and more importantly , no run around ... so bring your bike to Jim , and you can see for yourself what the buzz is all about ... let him do it right the first time , and save yourself a lot of money too ... what you get is not only your bike back the way you anticipated, but you also just made a new friend...

Mary Jane Medlock

Waxahachie, Texas

 I've had this bike since it was almost new ; it's always had carburetor problems. Have had a few different people work on it , only to improve it slightly. Took it to Jim and wow, the bike has never started and/or run this well . Also I appreciate Jim and Barb's courtesy and professionalism. Definitely will be making the 225 mile trek back to The Little Guy's Shop as needed.

Terry Healy

Texarkana , AR

 Fellow Harley riders , for years I have taken my scooter to the dealer for work and service and was raped. I was sold things that I didn't need , over charged and only the bare minimum was repaired, to keep me coming back for more I guess. This shop is not that way. Even though it was my first time there Jim and Barb treated me as if they've known me forever. Jim spoke to me as a friend. Give me the bottom line with no BS. Showed me what was wrong , explained the process both pros and cons. He treated my scooter like it was his own. When I picked it up I was blown away. He went above and beyond. Showed me the old parts and explained everything he had done. It sounds and runs better than it ever did. Not only will I continue to take my work here but I will tell everyone I know that needs service that this is the place. You can feel comfortable that you are getting a fair deal, fair price, accurate work and treated like a friend. Thanks Jim and Barb. You rock.


Iron Kinsmen Motorcycle Ministry

2009 Street Glide

Hi Barb,

I wanted to thank you and Jim for handling my wife's and my bikes over the last two weeks .I love the high handle bars ! The customization is fantastic. I finished a 250 mile ride on Tuesday and was never once sore or tired. Thank you both again for the great service on our bikes.You guys are fantastic.

Enjoy your vacation !

Craig Luck

Just wanted to take the time to send a huge thank you to Jim & Barb Dobbs. They were a lifesaver! We were out on a Saturday ride when the shifter linkage broke on our Harley Tri Glide. We were not familiar with the area and had no idea how we were going to make it home. We tried to fix it on the side of the road but no luck. My husband looked around and saw a Harley Davidson sign on a roof top. We made it over there just as they were getting ready to close up for the day. They never hesitated a minute to welcome us in and Jim fixed us right up! You just don’t find a lot of that friendly, honest and affordable service around these days. The Little Guys Shop will definitely be our “go to” for any type of repairs or needs for our Harley. We highly recommend this shop!

Larry & Terry - Crowley

Before I bought my 2014 FLHXS, I did some research on where to get it serviced. I didn't want to be just a number at the dealership and wanted to know who was working on my bike. I found Jim & Barb's website and drove out to their shop in Mansfield, TX to visit with them. It was on a Saturday morning and even though they were busy at work, they were kind enough to answer all the questions I had about what Jim does and how he approaches working on your Harley.

I read all those testimonials on his website. I also called and emailed 2 or 3 of his customers and they had nothing but good things to say about Jim's work. I finally got the bike I wanted and took it to Jim.

I told him what I wanted, he made some suggestions and we began the process. I added some accessories, changed the exhaust system and had him DynoTune the engine. I could not believe how much better the engine performed when I got it out on the highway. Even in 6 gear I could feel the pull of the engine passing 18 wheelers.

Jim knows how to work on a Harley Davidson and he could probably take my bike apart and put it back together with his eyes closed. He is that good. I had a lot of work done and Barb gave me a detailed invoice(down to the part number) showing exactly what was done. Very important if I ever sell it. I would recommend The Little Guys Shop to anyone. Jim has to be one of the top Harley mechanics here in North Texas.

Steve C.

Richardson, Tx

I can't say enough about Jim and Barb at Lil Guys Shop. I've ridden all across the United States and Mexico over the last 20 plus years and have broken down plenty and broke down once again in Arlington, coming from San Diego a few days before Thanksgiving and not knowing any mechanics or shops in the area I started searching for one and came across Jim and went by his shop the day before Thanksgiving and after talking to him I knew thats where I wanted to take my bike so Jim and Barb picked my bike up the day after Thanksgiving and got right on it and kept me in loop every step of the way and would have me come by and see exactly what was going on with top end of my motor. Never once did they try and upsell me on anything in fact the complete opposite did everything he could to save me money and I can guarantee he did not charge me the hourly time that a Harley dealer would have charged. Bottom line Lil Guys Shop is not only the most honest shop I have ever been to but the best mechanic and yes Jim is still a mechanic not a rubber glove wearing "Technician" and will spend as much time needed to explain and in my case educate me on what was going on in my bike. With all that being said and as I mentioned I'm from San Diego and come spring will make the ride back to see Jim for some performance upgrades and when I get my Bagger in Summer I will be making trip again to have him build that. So if that doesn't speak volumes on them and there integrity for me to make that 1,350 miles then I don't what will. And maybe even better than all that is at the end of the day I found a couple new really cool friends and not just a mechanic. P.S. Jim I think we woulda had a hoot if we met years ago but probably good thing we didn't haha.

Thanks again for everything and see ya soon

Best regards- S. Nicoll Dago California 


 I was referred to this shop by a friend last year. It was so refreshing to find a local shop family owned with such diverse knowledge of the Harley's. Jim just completed a full exhaust system and dyno testing to get maximum performance. This is my second bike he has replaced the exhaust and tuned to perfection. The real value is to be able to visit with Jim and get the pros and cons of changing something on the bike that may or may not be in the best interest of the bike or the rider. He and wife Barb are always welcoming and can arrange a schedule to fit mine. Headed over today to get a recommendation on changing handlebars.

Cary Wright


Cary Wright, COO

National Farm Life Insurance Company

American Farm Life Insurance Company

P.O Box 1486 Fort Worth ,Texas 76101-1486


Power II spare:

I found Jim Dobbs and The Little Guys Shop located in Mansfield, Tx a little less than a year ago . Based solely on the website testimonials, I thought I would give him a try. I visited with Jim about upgrading my stock '08 Street Glide with a SE stage II big bore kit. I was a little hesitant to say the least ;trying outa new shop, as well as wanting to make sure I was going to get the "best bang for my buck" .

After the upgrade, Jim told me to try to keep it around 50-60 mph for the next 1500 miles to break it in before he could dyno it. I was patient but can tell you, that's a looong time waiting to experience what you've paid for. After the break- in period , I took it back to be dynoed and when I picked it up; he told me I could now drive it like I owned it...and I did! As soon as I got back home , I called Jim to let him know he put a smile on my face. The upgrade is everything I had hoped for. I am very pleased with the work Jim did for me and the time he took to answer all my questions and especially his reassurance that everything was going to turn out just fine. I am definitely going to be a recurring customer for now on and will highly recommend Jim to all my biker buds.

Thanks Jim

Tom - Arlington , Tx .

I moved to the Mansfield area in September . I know nothing mechanically, but I just love to ride. I have always had independent mechanics work on my Harley Rocker C. Found Jim on line, and I am extremely happy his testimonials are 100% legit. Initially he changed fluids, and realized I had a Power Commander attached. No pressure, he told me I didn't need it, but bike was running well , so I kept. About a month later, Power Commander died Jim put the bike on his Dyno and I can say I have more power, especially at the upper gears, and the responsiveness has improved as well. If you want your bike taken care of, use this place!

Vincent J. Hudson

After an aftermarket fuel programmer, a Harley tuner, and 4 trips to Harley shops and 25,000 miles on my 2012 flhtcui I was about ready to sell my 5th Harley (4 of which I Loved) and this Jim guy told me to bring it by his shop he could fix it. I was ready to trade it for an Indian I swear my 03 Dodge Cummings Dually got better fuel mileage so I did. He changed pipes, tuned it on his dyno, added a bigger Spring to the clutch because all the sudden it had some power. 

   My son and I rode out to Phoenix the other day and it didn't even feel like the same bike. It struggled to even pull 6th gear before and now I can lug it up to speed. 

  I should have gone there first. Thanks Jim I'm very pleased with performance, sound, fuel mileage and your service job. Don't waste your time at those big shops if u need help Jim is your guy Tony C FW

After having a stage 5 done on my 2013 FLHRC I took it to Little Guy's for the dyno tune. I thought it ran pretty good before, after Jim got done it was yeeeeeeee haaaaaa I haven't had this much fun since my 04 Buell 1200. Runs and sounds awesome ! I highly recommend Little Guy's Shop to get the most out of your scooter. Thanks Jim. 

P.S. do you know where I can get a deal on rear tires?

Blayne LaCroix

Fort Worth 

My friend has several bikes. He just had to show me the work he'd had done on his '14 street glide. While lusting over his, I mentioned I needed 20K service on my bike. He really sold me on using "Little Guys Shop". I drove by, visited with Barb, made an appointment for 2 days later. Dropped bike off on Thursday morning expecting to get it back after the weekend. WRONG! Late Friday morning Barb phoned and said bike was ready. Major improvement in performance, total operation. Jim is really enjoyable to visit with. Explained everything he did and saved the replaced parts to see. Shop is clean, organized. Really a nice couple to do business with. I highly recommend Barb n Jim. 

Ride safe!


dVincent j. Hudson to the Mansfield area in September. I know nothing mechanically, but I VinI moved to the Mansfield area in September. I know nothing mechanically, but I just loe to ride. I have always had independent mechanics work on my Harley Rocker C. Found Jim online, and I am extremely happy his testimonials are 100% legit. Initially he changed fluids, and realized I had a Power Commander attached. NI moved to the Mansfield area in September. I know nothing mechanically, but I just love to ride. I have always had independent mechanics work on my Harley Rocker C. Found Jim online, and I am extremely happy his testimonials are 100% legit. Initially he changed fluids, and realized I had a Power Commander attached. No pressure, he told me I didn’t need it, but bike was running well, so I kept it. About a month later, Power Commander died. Jim put the bike on his Dyno and I can say I have more power, especially at the upper gears, and the responsiveness has improved as well. If you want your bike taken care of, use this place! Vincent J. Hudsono pressure, he told me I didn’t need it, but bike was running well, so I kept it. About a month later, Power Commander died. Jim put the bike on his Dyno and I can say I have more power, especially at the upper gears, and the responsiveness has improved as well. If you want your bike taken care of, use this place! Vincent J. Hudsoncent I got back Power II Spare:I found Jim Dobbs and The Little Guys Shop

in September. I know nothing mechanically, but I just love to ride. I have always had independent mechanics work on my Harley Rocker C. Found Jim online, and I am extremely happy his testimonials are 100% legit. Initially he changed fluids, a

Power II Spare:

I found Jim Dobbs and The Little Guys Shop located in Mansfield, TX a little less than a year ago. Based solely on the website testimonials, I thought I would give him a try. I visited with Jim about upgrading my stock ’08 Street Glide with a SE stage II big bore kit. I was a little hesitant to say the least; trying out a new shop, as well as wanting to make sure I was going to get the “best bang for my buck”. 

After the upgrade, Jim told me to try to keep it around 50-60 mph for next 1500 miles to break it in before he could dyno it. I was patient but can tell you, that’s a looong time waiting to experience what you’ve paid for. After the break-in period, I took it back to be dynode and when I picked it up; he told me I could now drive it like I owned it…and I did!

As soon as I got back home, I called Jim to let him know he had put a smile on my face. The upgrade is everything I had hoped for. I am very pleased with the work Jim did for me and the time he took to answer all my questions and especially his reassurance that everything was going to turn out just fine. I am definitely going to be a recurring customer for now on and will highly recommend Jim to all my biker buds.

Thanks Jim

Tom- Arlington, TX


From my initial contact on the phone I knew that my bike was going to the right shop for work and service. Jim took an interest in my concerns and what I wanted to have done. Everything was explained and laid out before the bike even came into the shop.I was taking it in in for service,tire,tuner,dyno time and just to have checked out. It ran good I thought when I took it in but now it runs like a whole different bike.It has better performance overall and in 6th gear where it was lacking I now have power.!!..In addition to service I had the bike detailed and was very impressed it looked like new again and will be done again at next service ..Thank you Jim and Barb...See you next service..


I’ve never taken my bike to the same mechanic twice except for Jim Dobbs at The Little Guys Shop. There was no BS, the work was completed quickly, great customer service, and it was reasonably priced. After the Dyno, tuner, header pipes, tires, and 30k service it was like a new bike. I’m still smiling. Thank you Jim and Barb for the excellent work.

Brandin R.

Mansfield Tx.


I recently moved to Texas and learned about the legendary Jim Dobbs from my co-worker (and new riding buddy) while on a recent weekend ride around Texas. My co-worker whose name is Gary, has a Harley that Jim had custom fit new handlebars to suit Gary. Those handlebars were custom adjusted so perfectly that Gary appears to control his bike effortlessly as he experiences maximum comfort.

The following weeks I kept pondering what it would be like to have Jim custom fit my Harley Ultra-glide so that I can have improved handling and maximum comfort like my friend Gary. A few days later I called Jim's shop and spoke to his wife Barbara about whether Jim could help me as he did for Gary. Barbara said yes Jim could make those improvements and help me enjoy my ride more than ever. Barbara said she rides a road king with ape handlebars that Jim had installed to suit her riding comfort and she enjoys it very much.

A few days later I visited Jim and he asked me to sit on the bike, close my eyes, and reach forward to simulate holding imaginary handlebars in my ideal riding position. As I did that Jim was taking measurements and recommended the perfect ape handlebars to facilitate a comfortable riding position. In addition, Jim suggested that I change my worn stock tires as well and replace them with Dunlop's American Elite tires.

I agreed to Jim's recommendations on installing Wild Ones Ape handlebars and Dunlop American Elite tires. Picked up the completed bike the other day and scheduled myself to test out the improvements on Saturday morning.

Well, I just got back from running my bike through a few hours practicing tight U-turns, full-lock circles, slow cone weave, and quick stops in a school parking lot. Jim was spot on with his recommendations and predictions on what I would experience. Both modifications helped me to have significant improvements in controlling my Ultra-glide while enjoying maximum riding comfort.

Over the years I have had various motorcycles serviced by many different shops in Hawaii, Italy, and Kentucky. In my experience Jim and Barbara are the nicest, warmest, friendliest, and most trustworthy people I have ever met. In addition, Jim is blessed with motorcycle maintenance knowledge, wisdom, skills, talents, and insights that are far superior to anyone in this universe.

Thank you Jim and Barbara for all you do! I feel very fortunate to be your new friend and to know you'll be the ones to care for my motorcycle. You guys rock!

WayneFrom Mansfield, Texas

 I just met Jim & Barbara and i cannot say enough about how great they are i had Jim do some work on my bike and he did a great job,he explained so much to me in that short time i was there and made me feel like i was at home and that he knew me for years,i can say that my bike won't see another shop.He knows so much about bikes that its crazy,great work and great prices he's the type of mechanic that if he sees another problem he's going to fix that also he works on your bike like if he was working on his own bike. 


Grand Prairie Tx 

 Thank you Jim and Barbra for making me smile!! Had my 2015 Streetglide in for a tune and anything else it needed. Jim only did what needed to be done and everything he did was top notch!! The bike was supposedly tuned by a well known shop in AZ, but she just wouldn't run right. Jim got to the bottom of it and my bike has never been this smooth or fast!! Anybody that has access to Jim's expertise is lucky!!! Take advantage you will not be disappointed 125 HP to the tire "HE GONE!!!!!"

Thanks again Jim!!!!Jeremy  

 Once again Jim knocked it out the park, went in to get my 14 Ultra dyno tuned and I have to say Jim brought out a little more power out of the bike, for a big bike this thing halls the ride is so smooth and throttle response is so quick now. The one thing I like about Jim is he’s going to be honest with you on your bike he’s going to let you know what you need and what you don’t need on your bike, I suggest anyone that has a tuner on their bike take it to Jim and let him check it out he’s going to tell you before he even dyno’s it if you need anything on the bike before the tune he’s not going to just try and get you for a tune and come back and say you need this and that after, he and Barbara are very good people and just want to make us in the biker community happy with our rides for a fair and responsible price. 

CHRISTOPHER “SUPERMAN”REEVESGrand Prairie Tx 14 Ultra Classic

 I had just moved to this area and was looking for someone nearby to do work on my Harley without having to go to the dealership. I’ve had a few bad experiences with dealerships so when I found Jim at Little Guy’s Shop I was a little apprehensive at first. I don’t let just anyone touch my bike, as I’m sure many can attest to. I had a brake problem and the last one to touch it was a dealership. So I took it to Jim and he described what he believed my problem was and he nailed it. Later I wanted to add cams and adjustable pushrods and I wasn’t sure how that was going to turn out. So again I was a little apprehensive, but after listening to Jim I decided to let him do his thing and I was very glad I did. I once rode a new Milwaukee 8 107 as a loner and I wanted one immediately. But thanks to Jim my bike now comes very close to the new 107. I couldn’t be happier. The first time I hit the throttle in 1st and 2nd gear I thought I was riding a 107. Money well spent! Not only did he do a great job and delivered what he said, he did it when I wanted it, a little early in fact. I will recommend Little Guy’s Shop to anyone owning a Harley.

Thanks Jim!

 I knew right when I walked in the shop for the first time that this was the place for me. Its an old school shop and Jim knows his stuff. I won't let anybody else touch my bike. Jim put a stage 3 kit on my bike as well as some other things and now she growls like lion. Its nice to have someone that you can trust to do the work right the first time in less time. Customer for life.


 I’ve been taking my bike to Jim since 2012. In my first testimonial I bragged on the service and how my bike felt and rode after each service. You can always definitively tell that Jim goes through the bike and he does the extra checks to make sure you can ride worry free. I ride with a lot of guys that get services at the stealer ship (Not mis-spelled) and it seems they usually have issues on even newer bikes. I have a 2009 Ultra that had a 96CI in until recently. When I first asked Jim about a motor upgrade I only had about 27K miles and Jim talked me into just tuning it. He said to just ride it till later then do the motor work. It was night and day difference in the performance. He saved me thousands of dollars at the same time he demonstrated why all these folks keep coming to him over and over. He just completed my 110 conversion and today I picked up my bike after he tuned it after the break in. Let’s just say it will take me some miles before I really get on the throttle. This bike is now a beast. I trusted Jim with the motor kit, upgrading the exhaust and intake and my bike is putting out 108 HP and 114 torque. Even with the 110 upgrade the bike runs so much better now that it has been tuned. If Jim suggests something for your build you can trust that he looking to get that ear to ear grin on your face even more then he looking to pocket some quick cash. Jim and Barb, Thanks for all the years of exceptional service!!!

Tim Fitzmaurice, Waxahachie TX  

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